Uncle Don and Daddy

Every since I was a little cutie pie uncle Don has been putting his cream on me he tells me I’m his little cream pie and uncle Don told me not to tell anyone especially daddy or we would have to stop having so much fun together. I loved the way uncle Don used to wait until everybody was gone and call me in the back room he would slowly take off all my clothes at first I was scared but after the first few times I liked it and after even more times I loved it. The places uncle Don would touch me I could never forget, his long fat fingers were so forceful when he would push them deeply into my tiny pond cunt. He would look me in my eyes until he got weak he’d say I made his erect penis spray yummy slimy juice and he would tell me to drink it and kiss him. Daddy left one day and me and uncle Don were alone this time he spread my skinny long bony legs apart right there on the living room floor and went for my pouty fat cunt lips I was dripping wet already uncle Don started sliding his tongue into my warm pussy it felt so good all I could hear was slurping and myself moaning so I couldn’t have heard daddy at all but he was there. Daddy had come back to the house for some reason and he was right there watching until he decided to do something my uncle couldn’t believe.


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