Trucker’s Favorite Fucktoy – Breeding

Crack Whore AnalI said he wasn’t bringing me back. He’d been using me as his personal fuck slave for the past two weeks. He never unchained me from his bed, not even to piss. But, he kept me flying high as a kite on snow, and my pussy was always dripping wet.
He’d surpassed the point of fucking me raw days ago. I was just a worthless hole now; three holes to be exact. Here he came again to ram his cock down my throat, choking me. When he grew bored at the sounds of me gasping for breath, he’d switch over to my asshole. Tight as I used to be, I was filthy and forced to use the bathroom right where I was. He fucked my in my shithole before making me clean my own ass off of his cock.
He always came in my cunt; he said he was breeding me. He said he was going to fuck me every day until my belly got big as a house, and my tiddies would swell just for him. All the coke in the world wasn’t worth this torture. My pussy disagreed. I grew wetter and wetter as he pounded away inside my destroyed cunt. He came, I came. Ten months later, so did our baby.

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