Tripping beach trip

drunk girl fucking

Being a dirty whore is fun and so is some drunk girl fucking right? I’m always drinking, partying and fucking. Last night I was on molly at the beach with some friends and we had tints set up on the beach. We drank all night long.
So this guy that I haven’t seen in so long came along with us an old friend of mine. We never hooked up before I always wanted too though. So I thought to myself the less clothes I wear the better chance I’m going to have. I striped down and went into the beach naked everyone was drunk, and I was drunk so we all skinny dipped .

Ryan the guy that I have been trying to fuck for the longest was finally all over me. We started making out and biting each others lips, kissing all over each others necks, he whispered in my ear “the only reason I haven’t fucked with you is because you cant take how big I am, how nasty I am and once you get this cock ill make you fall in love.
 I had to tell him that I’m a dog, I fuck I don’t make love, and also that he hasn’t seen me in a very long time. I told him I stripped and I do phone sex on the side. So I told him to bring me in his tint and show me how nasty he really is. No one is as dirty as me.
 He pushed me down on the pillow pulled out some lube that was in his backpack and started rubbing it all over my ass hole and pussy. He held my face down while he was doing it. I knew right there that we were on the same level. I love when you dominate my body.

After he started rubbing, fingering and stretching  my ass hole he rammed his cock so far in . He told me I was his little cum dumpster for the night and that he wants to use all my holes. Hearing that made my pussy even wetter. He drained his balls in my ass hole and then wanted to suck and lick it all out. After he cleaned me up his dick got harder instantly so he fucked my mouth then pussy. He made it in all of my holes. Everyone that was at the beach with us heard my moans and his grunts but they know how much of a hoe I am so I just  have no shame in my game. That morning I want home showered and got sexy because he said I was so good that my thick ass was addicting that he would come by my place and do it all over again. My sex drive is unexplainable. 

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