A Day By The Pool

phone sex line cleoIt was supposed to be a cook out with just us. It had been a long time since we spent some girl time together. We were long over due for some cunt on cunt action.
We were well into our time together, pretty fucking drunk and naked by the pool when we heard something behind us.
By the time we realized it there were four guys standing there with cocks out and standing at attention.
Before we could say anything they were on us and the gang bang was on and popping.
Dicks were in our faces and rubbing against our pussies and asses.
Being cum sluts and cum dumpsters by nature, we didn’t even try to stop them or fight it off.
They thought that they were going to take what they wanted but we gave them more then they bargained for.
When they were done we finished our evening licking each other clean and laughing at how they thought they had actually done something….

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