Trailer Trash Training For A Young Lot Lizard

I did a young slut a favor and gave her some trailer trash training. I met her being a lot lizard and she looked like she didn’t even have hair on her cunt, which she didn’t. I made her come with me as I had a few johns waiting in my room for us. I told her to follow my lead and she would make lots of money. I got her naked, on her knees, sucking big black cock like she was hungry. She probably was, she looked like she had been used and abused. She at least was now going to get paid for her young holes.

BBC phone sex

I told her to bounce back on the BBC no matter what. When the big black cock pushed inside her bald tight hole, I could see the pain in her face so I started rubbing on her clitty. I didn’t stop until I felt what I think was her first orgasm. As we got fucked and filled up, I kept rubbing her cunt making her enjoy the pounding she was getting from these big black dicks. Then when they were done, they handed me all the money and I gave her little cut. She made me so much money and learned how to be a good lot lizard from me.  


    • Benson on April 27, 2022 at 12:16 pm
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    The more tats a whore has, the more shit she will get into. You look like you fuck and suck like a pro.

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