Trailer Park Whoring

Trailer Trash WhoreThere is no party like a trailer park party. I never miss them. So, tonight was no different. I put on my short little dress with some heels and of course no panties or bra because I don’t want to lose them when things get freaky. I drank of few beers, smoked a little meth and headed out whoring. It was already in full swing by the time I got there. I poured myself a beer from the keg and took another hit of meth. I was just hanging out with my friend Flo and we both were getting a little bit horny, so we scoured the party for some nice hard BBC to fuck. I found the perfect cock hiding in my neighbors’ sweatpants. I could see the outline of that monster from across the cedar porch. I took my trifling ass over to get me some of that dick. As I have never met a dick that wasn’t mine for the taking this one was no different. We went inside the trailer where others were fucking and found a nice soft bed in the back with only one other couple on it. We positioned ourselves around them and got down to it. I took that little sexy dress and threw it on the floor and undressed him. I climbed right up on him and stuck my sweet juicy bald pussy in his face for the licking. I grabbed that big black cock and licked, sucked and rubbed that monster until I stuck it right down my throat. I get super turned on watching others fuck so when he stuck one finger in my dripping wet pussy and one in my tight asshole while licking my clit, I exploded all over him. While he licked my cum from between my legs, I throat fucked him so hard I almost choked when he blew his load right down my throat. Now I think we will join the other couple on the bed and fuck some more.

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