The wedding crashers

cum filled cunt



cum dumpster

My cum filled cunt gets an endless supply of jizz during wedding season. My friend Heidi and I tend to disturb the peace and cause chaos together. We are a force to be reckoned with when we team up. Anytime you see the both of us you know trouble is about to happen. We are both naughty and love getting in things together.

We were looking at things to do one day and realized that we could cause damage if we both were to try to crash a wedding we knew about. We made a bet, and as all bets, I have to follow suit and win each one. It is easy as pie; all I had to do was sleep with the groom. Each time we crashed a wedding we both had to seal the deal and fuck the groom. It seemed impossible, but two big tit sluts like us can make anything happen. We sneak in and always have some elaborate story that seems to favor us in a way to get close to the man that’s about to throw his life away and marry some broad. We have done long lost cousin and even wedding planner assistant — everything you can imagine. My favorite is the one where I was pretending to be altering his suit and had him one on one for ten minutes. Its crunch time but I was able to rub one out for him and make him turn me into a cum dumpster. 

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