Give Up The Fuck Holes

Druggy phone sex The pain in my ass is making me scream, this only angers you more. You start yelling “shut the fuck up you stupid whore” while wrapping a cord around my neck. Burying your cock deeper into my raw ass. I’m crying and choking, I can’t breathe at all and all of a sudden I feel your fists on the back of my head. I start to see black and know I am going to pass out soon from you choking me, from you punching me. I can hear your slurs of hate towards me. You want me to suffer, you want to violate me. You are not done with his torture and humiliation. You want to make sure I know my place, make sure I don’t forget I am nothing but a fuck toy. My only purpose in life is to be a cock warmer with all three of my holes. I don’t know when it happens, but I black out waking up with you forcing your cock all the way into my throat. Fucking it just like my ass, I can taste myself on your cock, feel you forcing it all the way down my throat and yanking my hair to force it in deeper. I am starting to gag violently, but this doesn’t stop you if anything this encourages you. I feel like this makes your cock harder, struggling against you but knowing there’s no use. I can taste your precum, it makes me wet knowing I am pleasing you which only proves that I really am only good for being a fuck toy. You slap my face as you push your cock to the back of my throat, coating it with your warm sticky load. You’re laughing and moaning and telling me to “choke on it bitch” and I do. I have learned my lesson! The next time I offer my slutty fuck holes for your drugs I will give up the fuck holes.

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