The Twilight Zone

Druggy phone sexI’m at home with family, pretending I’m not going through withdrawals and wishing I was fucking for kush or maybe even something harder.

Instead I’m stuck in the backyard my prude parents watching them flipping steaks and acting like they were Martha Stewart.

My brother was there but what the fuck fun could little brothers add? I mean his friend wasn’t bad looking but he associated with the pain that has been in my ass all of our lives.

Fireworks needed to happen and be over soon so I could leave this fucking twilight zone.

I had to get away from all the “normalcy” so I went inside, grabbing my purse so I could have a little something to take the edge off then walked right into the bathroom and into Jacob… My brother’s friend.

He gave me a shit eating grin “Hey.” he was so stupid. “What?” then he put a vape up to his lips and took a long drag and blew it right into my face. Asshole! “Want a drag?” he asked, offering it to me. “What is it?” I asked, taking it from him and breathing in deep. Returning the favor as I blew the sweet tasting vapor right into his face. He laughed and said “I call it my hide a toke.”

Hmm… Maybe he wasn’t so bad after all. “Nice.” I said closing the door behind me. “I think I had a little something extra too, I just needed to take the edge off so nothing big and… Here it is!” I pulled out the little white tablet. Cutting it in half I offered half to Jacob and quirked an eyebrow at him.

“Oh thank god, fuck yes. You have no idea how much I need this.” we each took our half and sighed in relief. I personally enjoyed a good fucking while waiting and I hopped up onto the bathroom counter, running my foot along his shin. Jacob moved between my knees and kissed me deep, I moaned into his mouth. Wrapping my arms around him even as he ground his cock against my pussy. Both of us were wearing to much!

It only took a second of adjustment and his cock was pushing into me. Oh god, it felt so good. I needed that so bad. We fucked as though neither of us have had food for weeks. Hard, fast, rough. He bit me, I ran my nails down his back. Both of us lost in our pleasure we were getting a bit too loud I think because there was a loud knock and a jiggle of the door knob. “What the fuck man!? What are you doing?” and he started to slow! “No…. no… no, don’t stop, don’t stop. Fuck me! I’m going to cum!” I whimpered, knowing my brother just outside the door could hear his friend fuck his sister to orgasm before filling her with his cum.

Mmm… This is turning out to be a good holiday after all.

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