Teaching The Young Dogs New Tricks

phone sex line cleoSo it seems the young buck at work decided to brag to my guy about how him and his chick fuck all night long and what a kinky little doe she was.
Of course my guy laughed, knowing that neither of these young-uns had a clue about kinky, perverted, nasty, no limits, down and dirty fucking. And neither of them could hold a candle to us.
“You have no idea what a real nasty, cum guzzling slut is all about, dude” is all my guy could say as he shook his head and walked away.
Of course, young bucks always have something to prove so a challenge was issued and the bet was good.
When my guy showed up with this young buck and his doe in tow i knew immediately it was going to be a fun night and that we might just scare these two forever with our antics.
Leaving the details to your imagination will do. You can’t dream up anything that didn’t happen, I am sure of that.

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