Mr Bubbles

phone sex line evonneThe sound of warm water running fills the room. Steam is starting to flow around us as I slowly pull down my jean skirt revealing my round ass with a white string running up the crack. Wiggling seductively until it is low enough to slip to the floor, I see your cock growing and watch you lick your lips with anticipation. Kicking off my flip flops I take my time pulling my top over my head, revealing my perky tits slowly. the nipples are hard for you. You free your cock and it springs out of your pants dripping pre-cum. I slip into the tub that now has bubbles rising from the surface of the warm water. You walk towards me as I lower my body down into the water and bubbles, jerking that dick, teasing me like I am teasing you. You watch the water as it laps at my body from the waves I am making rubbing my pussy under the surface. You can’t take it any more and with out even removing your clothes you are in the tub and shoving your rock hard dick into my throbbing pussy sending water splashing all over the floor as you fuck me harder and faster. I love that you still want me to be your cum dumpster even when I am on my period, fucking me in the tub.

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