anal probing

freaky phone sex 2

Last night I couldn’t sleep so I smokes some crack and called over a cock call. When I’m high I like to imagine sexy freaky things like home invasions or something. I was so fucking high today that I thought I got a visit from aliens. When I was reverse cow-girled my cock call he wanted to go from my perfectly gushy snatch to my right little shithole. I had no objections until I looked down and saw green skin and his eyes we’re yellow like an alien! I knew my drugs are fucking strong but never have hallucinated like this before. I felt his thick long dick try to get into my asshole and I began to try and run. I needed to get away from this alien man but he grabbed me by my hips and probed my ass tunnel. When his apparatus was inside of me I saw stars and planets as if I was in space. My nipples were so hard and perky from this overwhelming visual. I felt him dig deeper into my ass until I felt him in my spine. I didn’t want the alien to stop fucking me! My asshole began to get juicy making his probe glide in and out with ease. I began to bounce harder as the stars began to rush inside me. Some of them were hot like coal and others were soft and warm like a cloud. They started absorbing into my body faster and faster, harder and harder until I was full of heat and energy. The buildup was so intense that when I came all of the stars and planets flew right back out of me and into the sky. They stuck onto the black night sky like Velcro. That was my first time ever getting alien dick but I hope it won’t be the last. That orgasm was cosmic!!!

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