Role Play fun!

Anal Sex Whore HazelIf there is one fantasy that never gets old…it’s the librarian one. Guys are always coming in and checking me out, even though at work I rarely have any cleavage. Underneath my professional attire I am boasting a slutty lingerie outfit that would make most guys cum hard just seeing that! But silly little boys don’t ever get this pussy, unless that are ready to see though my sweet girl next door exterior and bury their cock deep into my waiting pussy. That’s what I need, a mutual domination, to serve your cock as you serve my pussy. So much fucking cum that the both of us are soaked and both okay with it. We’ll go up to the attic where the books that are falling apart are stored…no one will hear my whimpers and begs for your cock and cum up here. And of course no one will hear your thrusting in and out of every single one of my holes until you blow either…only me as I beg for that dick like the dirty, naughty girl I am.

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