The Kitty In The Middle

white trash phone sex

I don’t have men at my house very often. I prefer to keep my sanctuary mine alone. A while back though, I had been dating this one guy exclusively for quite some time and decided to bring him home with me and let him sleep over. We were in the middle of sex hot and heavy with him on top. I was getting close to orgasm when suddenly I felt him stiffen up his whole body, not just his cock. His mouth was frozen in an O shape. Trying to move quickly he ended up getting tangled up in my sheets and falling right off my bed. He had his feet trapped in the bed and was stuck with his ass high in the air, feet to bed, and upper body in the floor. I have no idea what in the world is going on until I look at the end of my bed and realized my cat Oscar was lounging on the foot of my bed, looking like the cat who ate the canary. Apparently, my friends balls looked much to inviting to resist as he was slamming that cock in and out of me, and Oscar took a swing at them! From now on, all pets out of the room!

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