We’re Having An Easter Egg Cunt

phone sex line evonneEvery year I get to organize the adult Easter festivities for the trailer park. This year I went to the dollar store and bought a whole shit ton of those plastic eggs. Some of them will have little bottles of alcohol and some will have slips of paper in them which will entitle the owner to what ever sexual favor the paper has printed on it. These range from a simple kiss to a blowjob to anal fucking and fisting. You name it and it is in an egg. I am not only the Easter bunny with a fuzzy cotton tail and big bouncy tits but I am also the Easter egg cunt that will be hiding the eggs and passing out the goodies to the lucky winners. And that Golden Egg, well you will have to wait to find out what the lucky one that finds that will get…I love making the holidays kinky and naughty fun for everyone!

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