Hookers for hire this Easter

Hookers for hire

Are you looking for Hookers for hire? I am a dirty hooker, who loves to be covered in your piss and shit. I will do anything for your money. My last client, he wanted me to dress up as the Easter bunny! He has always wanted to fuck the Easter bunny, he wanted her to hop on his cock! I could not help but laugh at this guy. I had to be fucked up to dress up at a Easter bunny with a furry butt plug up my ass and hop around for this sick fucker. He took his ring off, but I can see the tan line around his left finger.

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This guy is married and he comes to me with his sick fantasy. I love making these men pay me to do their naughty fantasies, no matter how gross it is. When their wives could do it. Now this guy had a tiny cock that he painted to look like a fucking Easter egg! I was laughing so hard I started to piss myself and he begged me to piss in his mouth. As I let my warm golden stream of piss flow I could see his little Easter Egg cock get harder! He wanted to hide his Easter Egg dick inside of my warm wet Easter basket! I hopped on his cock till his Easter Egg cracked and his gooey yoke was in my pussy.

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