The Best Dirty Talk Lines All Have Silver & Gold

I’ve just another gangbang whore, always after her silver & gold – or white & yellow, if you like. Yup, I’m talking jizz & piss, boy. And I like them both at once.

After a long day of working for the company with the best dirty talk lines, I met a few guys down at the local convenience store – Humberto, Miguel, and Jesus. Apparently, they’d been told they could find me frequenting the place, and that I was into some really nasty shit. They were right. I took them home, and we got to playing.

gangbang whore BethanyThe three guys were “somewhat” drunk and well on their way to getting moreso, when I found out that they wanted to use me for a toilet. After they told me, I started getting stoked – I haven’t had a good pissing sex session in a while, and three drunk men seemed like a good deal.

Jesus started with delivering the gold by pissing right into my mouth, and Miguel seemed so aroused by this that he immediately came on my tits. This was followed immediately by his own hot golden stream, which got all up in my hair as Humberto grabbed me and flung me over so I was on my hands and knees, doggy style. He fucked me, came in me, then I felt a warm wetness that could not be mistaken for anything other than piss flowing out of my cunt.

Humberto was shoved to the side at that point, and Jesus started using my body as though I were a furry pet. He started walking me all over the place with his cock dangling between my legs, lifting one of my thighs now and then to “mark” the walls, his friends, anything. The others thought this was hilarious, and they tried to get in on the game.

They were all still drinking, though, and soon, after more fucking and a lot more pissing, I had three men passed out on my floor, and I was there covered in jizz and piss in the middle.

Silver & Gold,
Silver & Gold,
I’d rather have Jesus & Humberto & Miguel
Silver & Gold.

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