Let’s Celebrate Together!!!

Dirty Phone Sex

Está a punto de ser el mes de la Herencia Hispana , ¿estás listo para celebrar conmigo?! Oh no hablas español? Let me translate for those who primarily speak English… It’s about to be Hispanic Heritage month, are you ready to celebrate with me?! Oh, you don’t speak Spanish? What better way to celebrate than me showing you just how us Latinos roll our tongue! Truthfully… I am not one to talk, I may be of Hispanic origin but I was never very interested in truly learning the language, and more focused on the next cock I could suck! So as much as you would like to whisper all the nasty things I plan on doing to you in Spanish… I think it’s best if we just cut out all talking and get right to fucking. Your cock is all I crave anyway, and how do you expect me to talk with your giant dick in my mouth? I’m not the biggest tramp around for nothing; oh no I EARNED this title! Lots of hard work doing all it takes to please every man that shows even the slightest interest in me…mmm I will ALWAYS find out what makes you cum the hardest. Tell me… what gets your cock the hardest? The idea that I’ve fucked tons of men and I’d let you and all your friends fuck all my holes at once? Or are you on the nastier side, you want to take turns shitting on each other? Oh that’s right I have no limits no taboos that’s why I’m the town tramp and the biggest whore you’ll ever talk to. I know that’s exactly why you’re talking to me, you can’t stop thinking about all the crazy naughty things I have done, you know when you call me no matter what you ask for I’ll do it just for you. But let’s start with me sucking your cock, and maybe you’ll even allow me to suck on your balls too… you’ll have to be careful though, you’ll want to cum right away but this time I want you to wait… I have more in store for you… it is after all a time of celebration!

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