Bound and Determined

phone sex line evonne1He had a kinky fetish for bondage, humiliation and pain. He didn’t like being on the receiving end, but he sure as hell got off on being on the giving end. After all giving is better then receiving, right? He called me last night and said it was time. He found some porn on his son’s computer and knew he was jerking his young cock to it. He couldn’t believe how fucking vanilla the content was. Not his boy, hell to the no, his boy was going to be in control in the bedroom and Daddy was going to teach him just how to get his little rocks off the right way. With my help of course. My cunt began to twitch, in truth his brand of sex made me cum like a mad woman. He always came to my place for our kinky, fetish fun, but this time he wanted me to come to his place. I wasn’t prepared for the setup he had in his man cave. I got there and he threw a black leather outfit at me and told me to put it on while he got his son. When he walked in with his son, the boys eyes got as wide as quarters. He promptly told him it was time for a real education in the art of real man sex and a woman’s place in the bedroom. He said class was now in session as he bound me to the special chair in the middle of the room.phone sex line specials

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