Thanksgiving Anal Cum Dumpster

anal cum dumpsterSeeing how it is Thanksgiving, I thought it would be appropriate to get some stuffing this morning. I was feeling super horny. I am not a holiday woman. Not that I don’t appreciate the holidays and what they stand for, it is just I am not exactly Betty Crocker. My husband, whom I adore, hired a cook this Thanksgiving. That meant I could slave away for hours in the bedroom, not the kitchen. I was an anal cum dumpster while our cook was preparing a wonderful feast for us. While she was slaving in the kitchen, my three sons, the gardener’s boy and a few neighborhood boys were stuffing my ass full of boy gravy while my husband watched. Our daughters joined in too. They like a good ass stuffing too. They also helped daddy drain his giblets. He was full of man sauce. It is the holidays. You should be draining your giblets and stuffing some young birds too. This was the best Thanksgiving ever thanks to my husband and my offspring. It is much better to work up a sweat getting stuffed in the ass than sweating your ass off over a stove. If you want to have some dirty phone sex this Thanksgiving, give this old bird a call. I will be getting fucked and doing lines of coke all day long.

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