Talk Box

Cum guzzling slut

Let’s fuck in a place of worship we can get nasty if you want to I don’t have any taboos at all I’ll do anything for a thrill. I have a confession to make why don’t you take me and put me in that talk box so you can hear every single word I say I’ve always had a perfect time I never cared what anyone else thought I never thought anything else was important at all. I like having a good time fun is my middle name so why would I pay attention to stop signs and blaming and shame. I’m a hot bitch, and hot bitches like me always think of ourselves we don’t give a fuck about you so get it through your thick head. I spend guys money because they give it to me they like my type puckered bubble ass they love the way I can swallow cum without any need to gag. I need to be the center of attention I like when all eyes are on me. If you’ve got a problem with that, don’t come around me bitch if you’re jealous that your own fucking problem you could join in and not be jealous but look at you-you’re stupid as fuck. You’re never going to have fun you’re always going to be a boob and not a big pretty one. I can’t stand a jealous bitch who seems to hate my guts what the fuck am I supposed to say I like her no that’s okay she can go somewhere and bury your face in the sand. If a jealous bitch makes me mad I will fuck her father I will fuck her boyfriend, or I will fuck her Grandpa I don’t give a fuck. Bitch I want to make you cry I want to make you feel the truth about me I’m not to be played with so you better keep your jealousy all to yourself, or you’re going to pay. I don’t give a shit about your feelings bitch put those things in a condom and fuck yourself with them cuz they’re making you real hard anyway. I like all of the really fucked up shit don’t be nice guys get wild I’ll let you have your way with me especially if you have a girlfriend I like those kinds of guys.

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