Cheerleader Party Coke Whores


Yesterday was my birthday and my squad did what any group of teen party whores would do- they threw me a raging house party! Drugs, alcohol and sex is all I wanted for my birthday, and these bitches delivered! We got so coked out in the living room at my party! At some point, someone gave us ecstasy and I never oppose to X!

         At that point, the party had only just begun! My cunnie dripped wet with every line and bump I snorted. A few of my cheerleader friends and I decided to play a game! We stripped naked and started snorting lines and licking cake frosting off each other!

         It made me so horny and wet! And the guys at the party got so worked up watching my coked-out friends and I be dirty whores with each other. The whole party watched as we snorted coke off of each other’s asses and they cheered when my friends began to lick coke off my clit and tits. The three of us spent the whole night bingeing and fucking and sucking each other’s holes! Best birthday ever!

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