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The Company Whore

Cum filled cunt

I am a secretary for this multi-billion dollar law firm. On this particular day I was unaware that I was about to get fired. I walked into the office with my usual sexy attire. I had on a cute white blouse that exposed my breast. A very short skirt, stockings and stilettos. My boss had a look on his face as if he was not a happy camper. I was deeply confused because I caught him looking at my ass as I walked past him and into the office. Not to mention his hard rick dick print through his pants. Oh how I wanted to take that vanilla cock and shove it into my mouth. But I had to keep my composure. My pussy was dripping wet by now. My boss sat me down and explained to me that I was not up to his expectations with the company and that he would have to let me go. That motherfucker! Here I am pussy dripping wet and I am ready to fuck him on this table and he is firing me? 

I quickly leaned forward to where my tittties were practically hanging out of my shirt and begged for my job. I licked my lips and gave him a look and said” I will do anything please let me keep my job”. My boss gave me a proposition. He wanted me to be the Company whore. I asked what were my duties. I was expecting him to say only fuck him but he wanted me to fuck his clients too. I had to do whatever he said as well as his clients. I was to be the slut of the company where damn near every man in and outside the firm got to fucked every hole on my body. I was so excited I decided to get to work right away! I put this chocolate pussy and bomb ass head so good on my boss I am pretty sure the whole office heard how loud he grunted when he bust his nut all over my face. I wiped my face with my hand and licked all of his cum off of my fingers. I was starting to like my new position already. I will be the best cum filled cunt this firm has ever had!

Skanky White Trash Worthless Whore

Sloppy wet pussyI am what others would call a skanky worthless white trash hoe. I am well known to fuck anybody and furry friends. I laugh at these people making these comments. They think they are hurting my feelings or going to shame me to change my ways. HA! That is what I say to those ass wipes. I love, love, love the comments! Those type of comments makes my cunt soak and throb for dick. And if I can’t find any dick anywhere I will take a tree limb to slam into my cunt. I will find a baseball or a 2-liter bottle to fuck. I will shove anything in my cunt I can fit in there to satisfy my craving for dick.