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Making Druggy Phone Sex Hot With Coke Whore Bobbie

Druggy pornOh, I love being a coke whore having wild Druggy phone sex for hours and hours! There’s just something about the rush that makes me want to fuck anything that moves. It’s like my body is on fire and all I can think about is getting off – which usually involves finding some poor bastard who will take care of business for me real quick before moving onto the next one.

The best part? When you snort a line and then fuck around others or outside with people nearby… Man oh man does it make my cunt wet! Maybe it’s because everything feels so intense or maybe it’s just the thrill of doing something naughty in public but either way, there’s nothing quite like it.

I’m not gonna lie, sometimes I get so carried away with all the partying and fucking that I forget about things like protection or common decency. But hey – what can I say? I think feeling those big black throbbing cocks cum, fuck a damn condom taking that away from me.  Cum in my pussy is living life on the edge, not even knowing names of the cocks inside me is just what I do, take it or leave it. It’s who I am.  A big slut who loves nothing more than getting her holes filled up and making sure everyone around her knows it too.

And let me tell ya… when you mix coke and alcohol together? Forget about it! You become this unstoppable force of nature – ready to take on anyone or anything that crosses your path. The best part is watching guys try their hardest to keep up with my insatiable appetite for sex while simultaneously being disgusted by me but unable to look away because deep down they know they want a piece of this action as well.

So yeah, if you ever see me at one of those parties looking like a total mess (which is pretty much every weekend), don’t be shy now; come on over here sexy thingt and give mama some dick to add to her video collection and look back and masturbate to later on with this ongoing porn I record.! She promises she won’t disappoint!

Druggy phone sex with White trash Slut Bobbie

Druggy phone sex, are you a fan of the nose candy too?  Do you like what it does to your monster cock as much as I like the wetness it brings in my slutty whore hole.   Sex on coke is an entirely different cum loving wet pussy throbbinbg cock experience. When you line that line out for us, and we snort it with that rolled up dollar bill, it’s like an immediate rush to your genitals, you immediately think about what your throbbing monster could go into as I think about how much I need to feel a throbbibng cock in me .  The drug heightens your senses, making everything feel more intense and amplified. It makes me want to rape your dick off and spread my legs open for you or whoemever passes by to throw themselves into mine.  Pounding is all I replay in my head. I need not just want, to be pounded like a dirty filthy whore who you give no shits about and want to take out your weeks aggression on your fucking slutty little pussy.

Your heart races, your breathing quickens, and you become hyper-focused on the pleasure at hand. Everything around you fades away as all that matte

Sex itself becomes as if we were animals trying to mate. The grunts replace moans while hips pump furiously against each other in a rhythm.

You as a man are able to fuck, pound stroke, have it sucked like your cum is the last drop of water you will ever have.  Yet the drug inhibits you from a quick orgasm making all night fucking sessions not out of the picture.  Getting pounded by a man on coke is like a dream, he just goes on and on and on.  My pussy feeling things it never has felt, dripping wet to point it’s sloshing around like boots in a rain puddle.  Your bareback cock becomes like a magician, making me cum and if it doesn’t come for exhaustion, you would never stop. And I would never make you. I would beg you to stay in my little bald wet cunt forever, where you belong!

Druggy phone sex Nothing a good cock and a comfortable bed can’t fix.

Drinks, Drugs and Fucks

Druggy Phone Sex BobbieWatching you down another shot as I snort off your cock got me ready for another quick fuck. Feeling my eyes roll back and my throat get numb, skin begins to tingle as my pussy and clit quiver. Licking your hard rod from your balls all the way to the tip then back down. Making sure I got all the powder off your cock before I suck those juice balls. Mmm I know my friend will be looking for me soon and she’s going to bring the devils juice so we can get even nastier. Have you lift my legs over your hips pull me in as you eat my cunt deeper making me cum and piss into your fucking mouth. Flip my body and slap it down as you take that juicy, hot wet cock and shove it into my tight asshole. Spreading my cheeks far apart pulling the shit out onto your cock then ramming it back in as she enters the room. Fuck get her on her knees to eat my shit off that cock while I eat her fucking ass. She deserves a good fuck since the whore got out fix ready while we got started. This bitch deserves to cum and shit all over your chest before I can be done with you.