T-Girl BBC Sex Stories

BBC sex stories

There is nothing like a sexy T-girl and her BBC sex stories! Just because I have a cock swinging between my legs and I love slobbering and gulping down mammoth sized big black cocks. My ass can take 9- and ten-inch chocolate shlongs all night long. I might need to rub a little coke and sit on an ice pack but the pure pleasure of being opened up so wide makes up for it. I love when a man sucks my lady stick so I make it my duty to give the best blow jobs around! I actually love drinking cum, it helps keep my complexion light and my waist skinny. More than anything I need a partner in crime to open his ass and let me fuck him while I jack his beautiful cock, and have my ass full of that black cock at the same time! I have been with a lot of black men who say it so sexy that I fuck men’s asses when they are fucking my t-girl pussy! Do you want to be a black cock whore like me! I need a sexy cock and ass hole to fuck! Pass the glass dick and the real dick and i will do the same baby!

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