Sucking Dick For A Dollar In The Back

Cum Guzzling Slut

Some shifts at the diner are just slow. Well, my manager happens to know what I do after I’m done serving meals; I go out into the truck stop parking lot and serve this pussy up! So, when some of his better known perverts roll through, he always sends me in to clean the bathroom. Although, to be honest, the bathroom is always nastier after I get done sucking their cocks!
I’ll do a line off the counter, and meet those trucker boys in the stall. They’re almost always already hard, with their juicy hot cocks out dripping as they stroke them for me. That makes me a little horny, I won’t lie. We’ve had more stay overs with it being the Holiday season, so I’ve been slurping more steamy cum loads lately.
Last night, this guy came in and wanted to just eat my pussy. Lucky for him, I hadn’t taken any loads in my cunt yet that day, though I later found out he would have loved to have eaten another man’s spunk from my cunt! He sat me on the counter, and made me cum all over his face. He never even took his cock out, not even once! Well, that’s crazy to me, but it sure was nice to get head for once. I hope he comes back soon; my lot lizard pussy misses him.

Big Dick Sucker

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