My Sexline is No Limits or Taboos

sexlineMy sexline is no taboos or limits. I love talking dirty because I live dirty. My world was XXX since I came into it. I make the most innocent things dirty like a neighbor’s birthday. I was invited to her daughter’s sweet birthday. Those are so special to girls. Just a few other neighbors because we cannot have parties like we once could. Not that a bunch of mature women is who a young girl wants to ring in her sweet teen birthday with, but better than being alone, right? I made her a cake, and I got her some swag for a birthday bag. Gift cards and a pretty pink vibrator. Every girl needs a sex toy. She cannot rely on a teen boy to get her off and if she does not have an older man in her life like my husband, she needs a sex toy. I was not sure how the gift would go over with her mom and the other moms, so I told her to hide it in her room. It was a party like I expected. Boring and brief. I was not home for 30 minutes when the girl texted me a thank you for her gift. She texted me a nude selfie with her using it. I was sexting with a teen girl. I sent her a video of me using the same model I got her. An hour later she was at my back door wanting to play with this horny trashy milf. It is no secret that I enjoy pussy. I have adopted girls to be my sex slaves. I have turned other neighborhood girls into my private lesbian tricks. I just added another hot teen slut to my black book too. This girl has a killer body. Barely any peach fuzz on her pussy because she is a natural California blonde. Tight holes. The birthday girl is all mine though. My husband caught us in the 69-poistion, but I denied him access to her young body. I knew he was wanting to put her to work. Sometimes, a horny mommy just wants a young girl all to herself.

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