Stripper Sex Stories

stripper sex stories

Do you ever think about stripper sex stories? I do. I was a stripper for a while, though, so it would be more like reliving the past to me than fantasies. But I would love to hear what you fantasize about when you think about the things you would do to a dancing girl…or what you would like for her to do to you. I want you to spare no detail when you tell me how down and dirty you’ve thought about getting with a stripper.
During my short dancing stint, I had all kinds of guys try to get me to do things that were against the rules with them. And I’m not gonna lie – if they wanted to pay the right price, I was more than willing to go the extra mile for them if they were willing to pay up. I did all kinds of nasty things and it was such a rush to get money from men just by using my body. I’ll be more than happy to tell you all the details if you give me a call. Just look at it as me being your over the phone stripper. Talk to you soon!

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