Stripper sex stories with Ellen

Stripper sex stories

I remember my first strip dance. Puberty hit me early and my titties were fun and perky. I kept my tight pink pussy bald and I loved to dance. My daddy’s friend was over one night. They were drinking and watching me a few friends of mine dance. I had the fun house everyone came to party at. My dad’s friend offered each of us a job and if that meant my daddy didn’t have to work hard anymore I was going to do it. Daddy forced me to go shopping with him and get all these slutty outfits. That was the night I had weed and coke. My daddy came back stage with a drink and a blunt laced with some coke. I was ready to fucking dance on stage. But I didn’t know I wasn’t only aloud to strip on the stage. I had to do private shows for the VIP who wanted a tight bald and under age pussy in their face.

 Hot stripper sex

Something about how our tight cunnies smelled when I was younger drove men wild. I was so fucked up I didn’t care who I was dancing for. The song came on, and my ass started shaking. My body moved on its own, making my ass shake in his face as I bent over letting him smell my fresh young bald cunny. I knew that made his cock twitch. I slowly took my clothes off, showing him my perky titties. Squeezing my nipples as he throws money at me. The more money he threw the dirtier I got. Taking my panties off and grinding on his lap. Rubbing my pussy against his thigh so hard as he rubbed my little clittie! Made me cum so hard on his leg. He pulled out fits full of cash from his duffle bag. He knew my holes had never been fucked and he wanted my virginity.

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