Stripper Sex Stories Of a Size Queen

Stripper Sex Stories

Stripper sex stories are wild and hot. I’m a trashy fucking BBC loving whore. I have been hooking and stripping forever. It’s what I do. It’s what I know. I’m a druggy trailer dwelling Milf. I have a teen son. But I am the mama to my junkie crack whores that are fresh on the scene. I take care of their crack addicted offspring and raise the other young brats up to be just like us. I train them to make money for me. There is no existing if you can’t contribute. The ones that make a huge ordeal of it all never last. Those are the little cum dumps that end up in the dumpsters or the lake. These little fucking offspring of junkies don’t have a fucking place in this world of any worth and so, ya know, we deal with them right. It’s a p daddy’s dream to visit me when he wants some young tender fuck meat to destroy. We all have needs and the higher you get the bigger you go in the darker side of fulfillment. I personally only fuck BBC. SO all the guys I get coming by to fuck me will usually be pushed off to a lesser whore.

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