Anal Cum Dumpster Lot Lizard

CAnal Sex Whore

Getting my tight little asshole stretched out so that I can get rammed like a fucking whore by a huge black cock is what I call a typical Monday night. I finish up my shift at the diner, and slip into something sluttier for my prostitution promenade. It’s a wonder I’m not epileptic from the way some of these horny assholes flash their truck lights at me, desperate for the touch of a woman.
It’s hard on the road; you know and I know. I’m content by the blow they offer. It helps take the edge off from the intense fucking ‘m about to receive. I know the type; strong hips, dangerous blue eyes, and thick palms. These behemoths get off on slamming those huge trouser snakes into my fucking shit box.
I’ll take multiple loads in my ass every night, guaranteeing that I love the sloppy fucking anal I get as a lot lizard whore. I like to feel that steamy fucking cum drip from my fuck hole as I hop from one cab to another. Even with all these dicks I’m taking, I stay some sort of tight. Each and every cock gets to stretch me, and fuck me until their balls can’t take it and they explode. Horny? What are you doing tonight?


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