Stripper Sex Stories: Hammered

That old man really had some power in his drive. The way he pounded that pole in my fucking grass was amazing. He was like a god damned jackhammer pounding me. Long slow but firm and hard thrusts of that big girthy cock of his. The dude was in his 50’s and I usually get them a lot younger. He may be closer to my age than usual but when they say a man with experience is better than the young and hung type, they are so right! I’m a filthy BBC whore and this average but strong build guy really surprised me. I love the way he fucked me and filled all of my holes. As a trashy stripper whore that can go for hours, I have to say it said something the way he wore me out! We got so hot and heavy I was needing a fucking cigarette in the first 20 mins and 2 orgasms in!

Stripper Sex Stories

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