Slutty Sexy Prostitutes

sexy prostitutes

You might think I’m just a naughty truck stop whore but there is way more to me than that. I am one of the most sexy prostitutes you’ll ever meet in your life. Sometimes I like to go downtown to where all the fancy hotels are and pick up a big whale or two. Hey, sometimes I’m so good that I make them cum too fast and I can go back out and find another man to fuck. Those guys are always rich as fuck, and they always make it worth my while to be a nasty fucking slut for them.

Like, one time, a guy wanted to use me as his human toilet. Listen, for as much money as he paid me, he could have turned my body into the entire plumbing system. Plus, it really made me realize how nasty I am because I actually loved it. That is just one example of how dirty I can be. And I’ll be honest – I’m kind of hoping you wanna hear more of my stories because I’m surely in the mood to tell them to someone. And you bet your ass I’ll be rubbing my dirty cunt while I tell you everything.

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