Slutty Car Wash Cheerleader

Gangbang Whore

The slutty cheer squad came up with the dumbest idea to raise money. A carwash? Who the fuck cares about a carwash? I sure as hell don’t, but I guess if I must. I decided that if we had to make money the lame way we might as well lure some happy customers! I told the squad put on our tightest little uniforms… but made sure to leave all bloomers and panties at home!

         Sure enough, that lured some dirty horny men with dirty cars. Seeing us bend over and flash some cunt and ass made them all pull up to take a peek. We even put on a little show; spraying each other with the hoses, rubbing up on the cars and exposing our teen cheerleading pussies! We nearly caused 2 traffic accidents! Haha!

 We made decent cash alright, but I guess you could say I’m a greedy little bitch. Frolicking teen pussies pulls in some bills, but what we needed were stacks! And I had just the right idea. I guess you could also say I’m an entrepreneurial whore!

Instead of letting guys pay for a wash a show, why don’t we charge extra for a wash and a hoe? After all, my dumb slut squad gives pussy away for free. Might as well bank off of those whores. For a couple hundred extra, each of us washed down the car, stripped down to nothing, and rubbed our perky tits on the windows and windshield. Then we would just pop into the car for a fuck!

Being head cheerleader also meant I was the bottom bitch of our little business. I for one, am a whore for cocks and cum. So, I charged extra for a ticket to my very own gangbang. We made 1k just off that. Thick cocks pounded my pussy, ass and mouth in the campus parking lot. I had multiple cocks thrusting cum deep inside me and I loved every second! It was such a nice perk in addition to meeting our fundraiser goal (and also put aside for shoes and coke! Lol)

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