Silvia the Cum Dumpster

cum dumpster

It wasn’t long into my teens that I realized being a cum dumpster wasn’t a bad thing. I learned to embrace my slutty nature and ever since then I’ve been having the time of my life! I’m a true pleasure queen and the word ‘no’ just isn’t in my vocabulary. I’ll never understand those frigid bitches who just can’t enjoy sex without rules or limitations. They really don’t know what they’re missing and it shows! Just last night my holes were used up and pumped full of cum. There’s nothing more gratifying than using my body for what comes so naturally to us all. Fucking! I especially love recording the fuckfests so that I can enjoy the visual aspects of it later. A nice little reminder of what I truly am. A cum addicted little blonde whore whose appetite is never satiated. As far as you and your friends go, the more the merrier in my kinky opinion. I like making a big event out of something we’re all going to enjoy in the end. It gives me a weird sense of accomplishment to be able to satisfy multiple cocks in one night. I leave feeling proud and full of cum.

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