Doing my Part with Lot Lizard Sex

Lot Lizard SexWhile some businesses are shut down, the truck stops are booming and therefore there are lots and lots of horny truckers and being a nasty slut, I was just the girl to help them out. I headed down tonight to offer them some lot lizard sex for a discounted price, as my way of playing if forward. The drivers aren’t coming off the roads like they are used too, and porn just can’t replace the feel of a nice, warm, wet pussy. I walked in and picked up a 40 and talked to the clerk and then headed out to the lot. It was packed but a lot of the lights were on signaling that they were still up and probably down for some company. I stepped up to the cab and knocked on the window. I could hear some porn in the background as the guy opened the door and motioned me in. His dick was already hard so I asked if he would like some help finishing. He handed me a $20 and I grabbed that hard cock and stuck it in my big fat warm mouth and swirled my tongue around the tip. He was hard as hell and his dick was already twitching and I didn’t want to lose any money, so I opened wide and took his big fat cock down my throat as he pounded my face hard. In a matter of moments, he had squirted his load. I smiled, wiped my face, climbed out the door and headed to the next truck.

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