Shitting in the Shower

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I was on break at the truckstop when one of my customers walked in. He was a great tipper and I had given him extra service many times. He smiled at me and told me to meet him in the shower. I knew exactly what he wanted. He was a scat man who got off on having me play with his poop. I agreed to meet him in the truckstop shower. In case you didn’t know, most large truckstops have private shower rooms where weary truckers can pay to get a shower.
He was the same thing every time. He would piss all over my tits, make me suck his cock, and then he would take a squat over my mouth and fill it up with chocolate delight. I loved to watch his asshole expand as a log of shit protruded. I’d open my toilet mouth and feel the tasty squish as it entered my lips. Then he’d watch me swish it through my teeth and give him a shitty smile. Made him blow that load every time.
Suddenly, the door opened and my boss peeked in. “Make sure you lock the door. OMG, what the fuck?” He couldn’t move as the turd dropped from the truckers asshole into my eager mouth. Fascinated and aroused, I saw him pull his own cock out and shut the door. He leaned quietly against the wall, watching me in filthy action as I gulped and swallowed. I smiled through my shit-eating grin at both of them and they blew their loads at the same time. I was so proud of myself.

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