When you just gotta go…

golden shower sex storiesI kinda felt like JWoww off of that lame ass show Jersey Shore. I knew she was famous for pissing in public. I personally had to do more than piss, and couldn’t wait any longer! Let me recap for ya. I’ve been partying pretty hard with spring break coming up, nothing like a couple pregame parties to get things going for a fun filled week…or so. When I start drinking I can’t stop…you  can just call me your wild thing. I was so fucking wasted I knew I would not make it up the hill to the house for the bathroom…I didn’t just have to piss I knew I had to shit too so I just stumbled off into the woods. I was so drunk, I really thought I was alone. I had squatted down and pissed already and was working on shitting too when all of a sudden I heard a laugh. I looked back and this hot guy was standing a few feet away from me with his chubby cock out, pissing. I think we were both turned on from our nasty similarities. Can you imagine the mess we got into next? We finished our shitting and pissing on each other and ended this wild night with a nice hardcore ass fucking…that naturally led to a lot of ass to mouth as what kind of girl would I be if I didn’t like to taste my own ass and shit?

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