Shit talker better shut that trap

Scat phone sex AuroraI have a mouth on me and someone decided to stand up to me. I was talking a whole bunch of shit to this guy who cut me off on m way to work. I told him he was a faggot and probably had a tiny cock. I then went in to get my gas. I paid for my gas and headed out when I felt someone grab me from behind, I heard in my ear “tiny dick huh”.  He drug me into the mens stinky ass bathroom stall, shoved me in the back stall and forced me to my knees. He whipped out his cock, grabbed me by my hair and rammed his fuckstick right down my throat. He told me I should watch my fucking mouth and that his cock was not tiny, he was not lying. It was huge. He kept ramming that cock into the back of my throat and I felt like I could not breath. He let a load hit my tonsils, pulled his dick out, spit on me and walked away. Guess I should watch my mouth.

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