Hot Stripper Sex with Mechanic

Baby girl and I were out walking around the town, just enjoying the lovely weather. As we drew closer to this one nice house, we heard sounds of work being done. Baby girl skipped ahead, in her curiosity, and stood gawping at whatever she was seeing. When I finally caught up, I understood. The ass that filled out those grungy old jeans was perfection, and it was attached to some broad, bare shoulders and back. I couldn’t have helped myself if I had wanted to, as I found myself marching up his driveway and introducing myself. His look turned from annoyed to lusty really quickly, and when I saw a tool belt lying on top of his big tool box, I couldn’t resist. I put it on and asked if I could help, all the while brushing my chest against him. He finally turned to me and pulled me in to his chest. He saw baby girl then, too, and started to push away from me, but she walked right up behind him and slid her hand between his legs. If a man could have gushed, I think he would have.Hot stripper sex

When baby girl finally got his pants undone, she wrapped her hands around him from the back, barely making it into his pants. She managed to start working on his dick, though, and that made him more frenzied with his finger-fucking of me. His hands worked quickly and expertly over my cunt, all the way up until he lifted me up and wrapped me around him. Baby girl came behind me then, taking my shirt of and exposing my breasts to him. He buried his face between them as his cock slid home inside of me. Baby girl got underneath us, licking my ass and cunt, and his dick as he fucked me. I guess her little tongue was too much, because he came very quickly. He fucked me a few more times, then even gave baby girl a good load of cum. It was so much fun, and he even let us stay and watch him finish working on his car!

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