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My car broke down. I walk to the nearest house. A man answers the door. I tell him about my car he invites me in. I am sitting on his couch when he hits me in the back of my head. I wake up to him tying me up. I try to break free but can’t. He uses a knife to cut off my clothes. I scream. He takes duct tape and places it over my mouth. I begin to cry as he fondles my tight cunt. He tapes my legs apart and shoves his big veiny cock into my fuck hole. He shoves into me forcibly. I beg him to stop through the tape but he can’t hear me. He is hurting my now soaking cunt hole. He thrusts harder into me. His massive cock throbs inside of me as his white cream squirts deep inside my tight pussy. I feel disgusted as he shoves his pulsating prick inside of me a few more times. Making sure I take every drop of semen. He picks me up and drags me to his room. I’m scared. How long will he keep me?

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