Shemales are Hot Sexy Prostitutes

sexy prostitutes

Its Fucking Cold On this street corner. My Balls are the size of marbles. I want to be one of those sexy prostitutes that are up in the penthouse suite. Alas, I am a druggy whore shemale out here waiting for a john with some clear and a hard dick. Or one or the other. I mean just last night I lucked out and had a john supplying me with bowls and sucking my cock all night. I just had to keep lighting his glass dick and making sure he stayed high. I didn’t make any money but the drugs were good and he even bought me a burger. Sure he took pics of my cock and sent it to his friends to show he was with a tranny whore. And a couple of them came over and filled this anal sex whore ass up with cum. They thought they were degrading me but I really love to be used when I am high as fuck!

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