Sexy Prostitutes Stay Busy on New Year’s Day

sexy prostitutesThe first day of the year is super busy for sexy prostitutes. Holidays are big sex trafficking days, so our little whores were in demand. Their holiday time was over. Time to make daddy and I money. This guy wanted to hire us all, me included. I know when a man pays for the entire family, he wants the family experience. Honestly, it is more popular than the girlfriend experience. If you are not familiar, a man will hire a woman like me to be his wife and P accomplice. Then he will want some sweet young girls, maybe boys, often both, to be his offspring. P men with lots of money love this because it gives them the dirty family they wish they had. Daddy’s client paid $50,000 for the night with me and 3 daughter and two boys. Normally, this package costs more, but he is a frequent flyer, so daddy gave him a discount. We showed up at his house looking like we were out of Good Housekeeping magazine. He likes a traditional looking wife, not a trashy milf. He wants his little ones to look like good Catholic school boys and girls. We don’t care. We dress the part and deliver the experience every client wants. This guy just likes the notion of molesting his little angels when they look sweet and innocent. No one in my family is sweet and innocent anymore but we can play the role, especially for money. As the P mommy accomplice, I helped “daddy” fuck his little girls and taught the boys how to worship daddy’s dick. I joined in on the clean up too. I love licking cum out of little sluts’ fuck holes. It was a profitable and fun way to spend the first day of the next decade. Happy New Year perverts.

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