Sexy Prostitutes Stay Busy and Sore

sexy prostitutesSexy prostitutes stay busy on the weekends. If you noticed, I did not work much this weekend. That’s because I was busy pleasing men. So were my daughters. We had three clients that booked us all for many hours. Three men wanted to to experience the family experience. When men hire me and my brood for the family experience, they get me as the wife and mom, and my girls as their daughters.

Daddy number one appeared to be about my husband’s age, so likely 60 or older. He used to travel to Thailand where the age of consent is much younger. My husband used to do that too. Why travel when you can rent hookers for hire in the US? My girls dressed up in little schoolgirl outfits and took my direction on how to please daddy’s dick. In return, daddy listened to me on how to please those bald cunnies. My daughters loved daddy number one.

Teen Whores For Rent

Daddy number two was less gentle with his rent a daughters’ holes. However, he paid more to fuck their tiny buttholes raw. Do not feel bad for my Lolitas. They can handle it rough, especially when money is involved. My girls do anything for money. I bet no girl makes what my daughters do. Sex sells. It always will too. How much would you pay to fuck a young schoolgirl? In hindsight, I should have saved this daddy for last.

My girls’ buttholes showed some wear and tear. But they are anal whores. We expect that. Daddy number three wanted a more sensual seduction. He wanted his daughters to seduce him, and make it seem normal for daddies and daughters to fuck. Personally, I think it is natural. Baby girls think of their daddies and vice versa. My little whores worked their charms to get daddy in bed. So, fucking hot to watch my whores in actions.

This trashy milf got some action too. All three daddies fucked me too. Three men in 24 hrs is nothing for me. But these daddies monopolized our time. Do not worry though, I am back home and ready to talk dirty again. As for my whores, they are resting their holes until next weekend.

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