Sexy Prostitutes Have Dicks

sexy prostitutes

I am a t-girl prostitute and here to tell you that Sexy prostitutes do have dicks. Yeah, not all are so well endowed as I am though. I am a sexy feminine bitch with a sexy she-cock. You know I am a whore, but don’t be mistaken. I am not a submissive little girl. I am a powerful top. Dominating perverts like you is my pleasure.

Some guys get off on sucking a shecock and being owned by a sexy tranny. If you are one of them then the two of us will get along famously. Now you will be directed to get on your knees like a good boy and start worshiping my she cock. That’s right suck my tranny dick like a good bitch! See how easy that is? Let me fuck that man cunt of yours once you get my cock al slobbery with your saliva and spit.

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