Sexy Prostitutes Are Never Bored

sexy prostitutesSexy prostitutes are never bored. I was hired last night for a bachelor party. They are my favorite. Most of the bachelor parties are pretty tame. I dance and give blowjobs. Sometimes I fuck the groom to be. I am always down for anything, but some men are leery of fucking a stripper whore. Last night’s bachelor party got wild, however. The guys there all wanted to fuck me. This was a large group of guys too. It was me and almost 50 men. The groom to be is the heir to some department store magnet. When daddy dies, he will be a very rich man. Junior is his only son, and he is also his right-hand man. They live in one of the nicest homes this trailer trash whore has ever seen. It was in Malibu and overlooked the ocean. A pool moat surrounded the house like it was some kind of castle.  You could swim around the house and see the ocean and the other beautiful homes. I almost wished I was not married and in love with my husband because the old man was a widow and he was into me, maybe even more than junior. I fucked daddy first. I know the groom cums first in situations like this, but I was all about daddy. He was in his early 60s with salt and pepper hair. I do not know if he took Viagra or not, but his cock was hard as a rock. Stiff as a board… He kissed me as he fucked me making my pussy melt on his cock.  I was so wet too. Daddy had an amazing cock. After daddy came into my pussy, the groom got his sloppy seconds. He had a great cock too. My cum filled cunt was purring on junior’s cock. He has shared whores with daddy before. He had no problem with the sloppy seconds. After the groom came inside me it was a free for all. The rest of the guys fucked me. More like ravaged me, but I did not mind. I spent an evening in paradise and made a lot of money and new contacts. It was all worth it just to meet daddy.

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