Sexline with the lady bits doc


So I went to the lady bits doctor today. I picked this doctor for one paticular reason- he is a male. I do not mind some lady up in my woman area but I think it is clear I love cock and crave cock every moment of every day. A nurse calls my name and I head to the back where the doctor will soon meet me. They hand me an open back scrub and I try and make that look as sexy as I can. I have my legs spread open on the foot sterups, way before he can come in and tell me to do that. He walks in and says “wow you already ready for me?” I replied with a “I have been ready for you since I made this appointment three months ago.”

I go ahead and let him do his doctor procdedurs. I think he detoured a little from his chart, I had no idea finering me and shoving shit in my pussy was part of this. He kept looking at my face every time he shoved something deep inside my wet bald cunt. I grind my hips and pussy into his object, I look down and I see him growing through his pants. I close my legs and sit up right.

I bring his little wheely chair closer to me and start feeling up his legs, I grab that throbbing hard stick in my hand and pull it out so my eyes can look at it. I put my mouth on it and begin to suck it. I want that throbbing dick pushed to the back of my tonsils. I need to feel him pop my pussy open with that cock. I go ahead and straddle that dick while he is on the wheely chair. I know we have to be making a lot of noise, it is almost like a swing. We slide from one side of the room to the other. I can not help but cum so hard on his cock.

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