Midnight Surprise

phone sex line ellaI was all tucked into my bed, sleeping peacefully, when I felt the bed dip and a hand covered my mouth. I woke up in a panic and started flailing, only to have the weight that caused the bed to dip pin my body down, effectively cutting off the use of my arms and rendering my legs ineffectual. I grew more panicked until I caught the fragrance of lemongrass. Only one person I knew liked that fragrance as a cologne.

Andrew had come to me again. I relaxed and felt him give a little leeway as his hands started running up and down the length of my torso. My cock sprung to life at the thought of what I was about to endure.

Andrew began worshiping my body. He started at the shoulders, keeping my hands and legs pinned under him. He trailed kisses and caresses down my torso, then down my arms and legs to my feet. He paid special attention to my feet, kissing, sucking, and nibbling each toe, before working his way back up my body. This time, he let me have free roam with my own hands and mouth. When he got all the way back up, he pushed my legs back with his shoulders at my knees, and he positioned his throbbing monster cock at my ass hole. My cock throbbed in response and anticipation before I finally felt that cock press at the entrance to my honey pot. Without the slightest bit of lube, he slid home that monster cock and began to make love to me the way we used to in our cell. He twisted my body every which direction, and we fucked like rabbits until dawn. He turned my ass hole into a crater, and then let me fill his with my own jizz. I love my times with Andrew.

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