Sexline of Prostitutes with Dicks

I have no fucking shame in making some straight dude suck my dick. He called my sexline and really thought I was all woman. Well I am, with a couple minor details interchanged. I only have a back door pussy and I have a nice big cock. Many guys are intimidated by a chick with a dick mainly because they fear it will question their masculinity if they crave this special treat.

I’m a hot and sexy passable shecock wielding femme. I love to be the woman men crave and then spring on them the dick. Yeah I had this call from a guy that completely ignored the pictures with my dick. He wanted to eat my pussy and my ass. I informed him that with me it’s one and the same. I sat on his face and he then realized this smooth sack where my girl hole would be. I laughed and told him to just be a good boy and eat my ass and if he was to do a good job I’d let him suck my dick and empty these balls.

Well, he couldn’t squirm out of the fact that yes indeed he was raging hard. I decided to take control, as I generally do, and make him my cock sucking bitch boi.


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