I was at a local gym working out, trying to stay sexy when I noticed a group of guys gawking at me. I tried to ignore them staring at me but it was so hard especailly when I like being the center of attention. I did kind of show up at the gym in just a sports bra and some booty shorts that left little to the imagination. So I decided to walk by them just to be a tease, I bent over and began to stretch pretending not to see them. Then I felt an unexpected grab at my ass. I turned around and saw one of the guys staring at me trying to spit game at me but I had my head phones on so I couldnt hear a thing. I took off my head phones and heard ” my friends and I want to know if you want to work out with us.” I smiled and agreed, but I told them I came here to only work out one muscle that really matters to me. They looked at me puzzled and to answer there question I led them all into the locker room. I took off my shorts and I ordered each of the men one by one to fuck my wet pussy. I didnt make it easy on them either I made sure that I rode moving my hips up and down and around making it hard for them not to want to cum. I made them left me and carry me as they pounded me against the wall. I even had them train me in the bathroom as I begged them to stuff me and stretch me open. I guess what I learned from this expirence is that being trained is hard and that I need more practice to make it perfect.

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